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CozIR®-LP Ambient Air CO2 Sensor

The CozIR®-LP Ambient Air CO2 Sensor is a new-range ultra-low power and low-profile carbon dioxide sensor available in the market today. The sensor runs efficiently using a small battery, thereby relieving any need for capacitors or larger batteries. Its compact size and height of only 8mm is 85% smaller than the CozIR®-A Ambient Air CO2 Sensor, saving up to 40% of floor space. With a power consumption that’s 50% less than its competitors, the CozIR®-LP Ambient Air CO2 Sensor is the best among its class.

The CozIR®-LP Ambient Air CO2 sensor is designed for HVAC, building control, indoor air quality, or any other application that requires the monitoring and control of ambient CO2 levels. The sensor may also be integrated into portable devices, wearable technology, and battery-operated units. Industrial applications of the CozIR®-LP Ambient Air CO2 sensor include horticulture, automotive technology, and aerospace.


  • Ultra-low power (3.5 mW)
  • Measurement ranges from 0 to 1% (5000ppm standard)
  • High performance CO₂ sensor that is ideally suited for battery operation and portable instruments
  • Easily connects to the operator’s system using TTL-level USART protocol
  • Low profile, compact footprint only 31 x 19.5 x 8 mm
  • Runs on a compact, low energy density battery
  • Automatic calibration function


  • Ultra-low power – lowest power CO2 sensor available on the market
  • Energy-saving and time-saving
  • Reduces energy and system costs
  • Able to fit inside applications where space is limited
  • Peak current of 33 mA
  • Low-noise measurement
  • Factory-calibrated and temperature-compensated
  • TTL-level USART protocol that eliminates the need for A to D conversion
  • Life expectancy of a minimum of 15 years

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