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SprintIR®-W Fast Response CO2 Sensor

The SprintIR®-W Fast Response CO2 sensor is a high-speed sensor that is suited for applications that require the capture of rapidly changing carbon dioxide concentrations. Operating on a measurement rate of 20 readings per second, the fastest NDIR CO2 sensor in the market. For improved performance, the sensor may be equipped with mechanisms that support either flow-through or diffusion structures.

SmartIR technology enables the performance SprintIR®-W CO2 sensor. With the low-power feature of the technology combined with high speed and ruggedness, a reliable NDIR sensor is built. As such, the SprintIR®-W Fast Response CO2 sensor is ideal for use in various working environments, including the medical and aerospace industries. The sensor, including its handheld and battery-powered systems, is also able to withstand harsh environments such as underwater.

SST Controls can supply an optional USB to TTL cable that will enable users to attach the SprintIR®-W Fast Response CO2 Sensor to a PC where measurements may be viewed.


  • High-speed sensing of 20 Hz
  • Low power requirement of only 35 mW
  • Measurement ranges from 0 to 100%
  • High performance CO₂ sensor that is ideally suited for battery operation and portable instruments
  • Easily connects to operator’s system using TTL-level USART protocol
  • Available factory fit flow-through adapter (optional)


  • Fastest NDIR CO2 sensor in the market
  • 20 readings per second
  • Minimal power-up time
  • Low-noise measurement
  • Factory-calibrated and temperature-compensated
  • Uses a TTL-level USART protocol that eliminates the need for A to D conversion

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