Thick-Film Resistors for Smaller Circuits - Surface Mounted Resistors

To expand and enhance its high reliability CR and HR series, TT Electronics has introduced two additional resistor designs in the smaller 0603 size which are ideal for use in smaller circuits in which footprint size and reliable performance are of high importance.

The resistor series’ thick-film elements enhance their tolerance to surges, giving them greater reliability, and making them appropriate for use in military, aerospace, communication, industrial and medical fields.


  • Products are CECC approved and are also available as shorting links
  • 100% high temperature and overload screened versions available for high reliability applications
  • Terminations available for wire bonding or soldering
  • Available in seven sizes ranging from 0,503 to 2,512
  • Resistance ranging from  1 ohm to 100M ohms
  • Tolerances as low as 0.1%
  • Solder terminations have a nickel barrier layer

Electrical Data

Physical Data

TT Electronics’ CR series resistors’ optional screened release provides greater reliability and lessens the risk of field failures. For circuit designers for whom the reliability of critical circuits in compact PCB areas is crucial, they provide low demonstrated FIT rates in comparison to other products available.


An ambient temperature range of -55 to +155 C is detailed for this range, and products are constructed from a thick-film resistor material with over glaze and organic protection screen, printed on a 96% alumina substrate.


Planar (or single-sided) termination is gold and appropriate for wire-bonding, while wrap-around is appropriate for soldering.


Wrap-around terminations have an electroplated nickel barrier and solder coating which guarantees good ‘leach’ resistance properties and solderability. They can stand up to immersion in solder at 260 °C for 30 seconds.


The CR range includes gold wire bond or solder terminations, and all relevant marking data is recorded on the primary package or reel.

Performance Data

Value Range (ohms)

Application Notes

Operating Temperature Range

The chips can be used at a temperature up to 155 °C (see performance claims above). For soldered chips, the joint temperature should not go beyond 110 °C. This condition is met when the stated power levels at 70 °C are applied.


Due to its rectangular shape and the small dimensional tolerances, the chip resistor is best suited for handling automatically. Electrical connection to a ceramic substrate or to a printed circuit board can be made by wire bonding or by reflow soldering of wrap-around terminations.

The ‘F’ terminations offer good leach properties and guarantee reliable contact. Thanks to a sturdy build, the resistor chip can be submerged in the solder bath for 30 seconds at 260 °C. This allows the resistor to be mounted on one side of a printed circuit board, and other wire-leaded components on the opposite.


Wrap-Around Termination

Chip resistors are supplied, taped and reeled on standard 8 mm tape to IEC 286-3.

Planar Terminations

Resistor chips are supplied in waffle packs.

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