Dust Alert

Non-complex and straightforward measurements of single-point particulates are enabled by BinMaster, using Dust Alert. This sensor integrates the probe with the electronics in a single unit which employs inductive electrification technology to recognize and signal dust emissions surpassing a predetermined level, at impressive sensitivity.

This signal is achieved through an alarm relay or a 4-20 mA output, allowing detection of contamination of sensors, change in particulate velocity or temperature. Overall, Dust Alert DD-3000 has many possible uses, reducing time wasting and allowing easier maintenance. For example, it would be perfect for identifying leaks in ducts, pipers, stacks or baghouses.


  • Fully-insulated probes protect against false alarms caused by moisture, buildup, or conductive particles
  • Maintenance-free induction sensing technology
  • Choose your output: alarm relay or 4-20 mA transmitter
  • Low-cost, high-value in a single-piece unit


  • Ideal for baghouse leak detection and alerting when particulate exceeds preset levels
  • Install in stacks, ducts, or pipes
  • Used in cement, asphalt, mining, chemicals, wood, carbon-black, and many other applications.

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