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Gas Detection with the Ventis® Pro Series

With the Ventis® Pro Series gas sensor there is no more need to carry several gas detection instruments at the same time. These are the most configurable gas sensors on the market, delivering unique four-gas or five-gas sensor options and these key features:

  • IP68 water and dust rating and Guaranteed for Life™ warranty
  • Compatible with a range of Ventis® MX4 accessories including the Ventis® Slide-on pump
  • Quickly view gas readings or alarms from connected peers using LENS™ Wireless technology
  • Sites and users can be tracked via the ground-breaking iAssign™ Technology
  • Able to provide dock overdue and maintenance reminders
  • Start-up messages, acknowledgeable gas alerts and alarm action messages can all be customized
  • Devices are available with or without a pump
  • Man-down alarm and panic button included as standard
  • LENS™ Wireless allows communication between personal and area monitors
  • Flexible sensor configurations can detect up to five gases
  • DSX™ and iNet® Docking Station ready

Key Features

The quick detection of hazards is central to workforce safety, and this must be done reliably and efficiently. The Ventis® Pro Series uses a variety of innovative features to accomplish this:

Customizable start-up messages let devices communicate essential safety information to users directly, and they can see alarms and gas readings from connected peers via the LENS™ Wireless system. These custom messages let users acknowledge low gas levels whilst receiving explicit written instructions if an alarm state is activated.

The Ventis® Pro Series’ inbuilt panic and man-down alarms immediately notify nearby workers of an emergency situation, communicating this alarm to any units close by via the LENS™ Wireless network.

Pioneering iAssign™ Technology allocates users to each gas monitor in real time, letting them quickly and easily investigate and act on recurring alarms while ensuring efficient management of assets and people.

The Ventis® Pro Series has received an IP68 rating for dust and water ingress and comes equipped with a rugged overmold that is Guaranteed for Life™; two features which assist in keeping instruments active in the field rather than undergoing maintenance in the shop.

Not only that, but most of the Ventis™ MX4 accessories are also compatible with the Ventis™ Pro Series.


The LENS™ Wireless is the first gas solution to enable personal and area monitors to share alarms and gas readings with one another. When either a man-down or gas hazard panic situation sets off an alarm, all the peers within the connected group will be notified of the hazard and the person at risk. When a fast response can mean life or death, nearby workers will be able to help immediately, rather than just relying on a call center that is potentially hundreds of miles away.

The iAssign™ system employs Bluetooth and Near Field Communication (NFC) technology in order to assign locations and workers to specific Ventis® Pro Series gas detectors. User and site data can be easily accessed, and this allows problematic areas to be located quickly across the entire facility and workers informed as appropriate, all the while guaranteeing that compliance is met regarding accurate record keeping.

iAssign™ provides a full view of what is taking place across a worksite, meaning that safety managers can act to prevent repeated hazards, quickly and easily.

DualSense® Technology uses redundant sensors to determine the concentration of the target gas in the atmosphere while reducing risks of critical instrument failure. Two sensors of the same type can provide the most accurate gas reading.

Gas Detection with the Ventis® Pro Series

Ventis Pro4 Black Gas Detector
Ventis Series Gas Detectors
Ventis Pro4 Safety Orange
Ventis Pro5 Black
Ventis Pro5 with Pump
Ventis Pro5 Safety Orange
Ventis Slide-on Pump with Ventis Pro

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