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Ventis MX4 Gas Detector

The Ventis® MX4 gas detector is a valuable addition to absolutely any gas safety program. It offers the following indispensable features:

  • Able to monitor between 1 and 4 gases
  • Can be configured either with or without a pump
  • Comes with either a black or safety orange overmold
  • Full compatibility with the Ventis® Slide-on pump
  • DSX™ Docking Station compatible and also iNet® Ready

Other functionality includes:

  • Users can collect samples from up to 100 feet away via an optional, integrated sampling pump
  • Able to detect between one and four gases with a wide-ranging selection of sensor options
  • The Ventis® on iNet® offers a reliable, efficient means of doing gas detection
  • True portability is ensured, with multi-gas protection in single-gas instrument size
  • The extended range battery can last up to 20 hours between charges (without pump)
  • Improved instrument visibility is possible via a safety orange overmold

Ventis MX4 Gas Detector

Ventis MX4 without Pump
Ventis MX4 without Pump Calibration
Ventis MX4 with Pump
Ventis MX4 with Pump Calibration
Ventis MX4 V-Cal calibration station
Ventis Slide-on Pump with Ventis Pro

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