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Monitor Unsafe Levels of oxygen with the MX6 iBrid Gas Detector

The MX6 iBrid® gas detector can monitor and display unsafe levels of oxygen, toxic and other combustible gases, alongside volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in a way never before seen. It offers several key features:

  • Monitor between 1 and 6 gases
  • Integrated, full-color LCD display
  • DSX™ Docking Station compatible and iNet® Ready
  • 24 sensor options including IR and PID

The MX6 iBrid® is a state-of-the-art hybrid, encompassing Industrial Scientific’s most advanced monitoring technologies.

The MX6 iBrid® is the first gas monitor to offer a built in, full-color LCD display screen – improving worker safety with easy to read, clear readings whether there is low, bright or any level of ambient or direct light. This lets the device operate inside, outside or even deep underground, guaranteeing that gas hazards are detected and reported on promptly and clearly.

The color display is easy to see and eye-catching, but this is definitely not its only benefit – it also allows for an intuitive menu system, five-way navigation button and easy-to-use step-based instrument settings to be included in the instrument itself. The inbuilt display even supports an on-board graphing option, allowing recorded data or direct readings to be visualized right away.

The MX6 iBrid® is a remarkably reliable, rugged instrument. It carries a lifetime warranty and is compatible with both the DSX™ Docking Station and the iNet® Instrument Network.

MX6 iBrid Gas Detector

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MX6 iBrid Gas Detector
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