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Preventing Exposure to Gases with the Ventis LS Gas Detector

The Accenture Life Safety Solution (ALSS) is a wireless, real-time solution that can continuously monitor a worker’s exposure to gases alongside their specific location in a plant environment. It does this using the Ventis LS multi-gas detector and the iNet® solution.

The Ventis LS gas detector is a key part of this solution. It provides the following features:

  • Detects between 1 and 4 gases including O2, SO2, CO, LEL, H2S and NO2
  • Can communicate gas level and alarm information via a Wi-Fi network
  • Can transmit an alert to the control room should the worker activate the device's panic button, or should a lack of movement be detected
  • Enables a worker's location to be identified in real time via a central console
  • Works with iNet® - Industrial Scientific's Gas Detection as a Service solution

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