SBS-4815CT: Battery Capacity Tester

The SBS-4815CT is a portable and programmable constant present load bank that contains thorough data acquisition and display facilities.

Its built-in memory constantly takes into account discharge data that includes overall system voltage, existing and individual cell voltages while modules are installed.


  • Voltage and current range: 20–60 Vdc / 0–150 Amps
  • 5.7 Inch LCD touch screen
  • 4 changeable stop points and various alarm designs to run the process intelligently
  • Wireless modules that are used to gauge and document individual cell voltages
    while testing is being done
  • Examine test data in real time on screen or with computer via RS232
  • Download data after discharge to USB drive
  • Computer software for evaluation of capacity and generation of report

Internal Memory

  • Protects and saves data routinely from an unexpected test stop/end
  • Data management operations provided by menu interface for parameter settings, review of test results and download to the computer software by using RS232 or USB device

Analytical Software

  • Powerful analytical software gauges test outcome and reports the cell/battery conditions and its capacity
  • Software interface shows graphs and charts in detail
  • Capability to export raw data into custom-made Excel reports

Wireless Modules

  • Included for gathering of cell voltage data during testing
  • Advanced technology that wirelessly communicates readings between modules and load bank
  • One module can support voltage measurements for up to 4 cells
  • For 2/6/12V batteries
  • Easily spot failed cells in battery and estimate real capacity of each cell

Parallel Operation

The SBS-4815CT has a current range of 0–150 Amp; nonetheless, it is possible to match additional load banks of the similar voltage range with the SBS-4815CT to raise current draw.

With the optional P/N 8400-600A DC clamp the user can discharge up to 750 Amps and the SBS-4815CT will monitor the total DC current being drawn by up to three load banks in parallel.


  • Can be powered from DC or AC power supply
  • Weighs only 21 lb.; designed for portability
  • Can be utilized with other load banks of the similar voltage to add up discharge current


  • Power Plants
  • Telecom
  • Oil Companies
  • Forklifts, Golf Carts & AGVs


  • Main unit
  • Instruction manual
  • Wireless 2/6/12 Volt modules (qty. 6 +1 spare)
  • Computer analysis software
  • DC test (power) cables
  • 3 ft. AC power cable
  • RS232 wire
  • Carrying case with wheels

SBS-4815CT: Battery Capacity Tester

Internal Memory
Wireless Modules
Parallel Operation

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