Equalink Battery Monitoring System

EquaLink is an Ethernet-based battery management system that observes the voltage, internal resistance and temperature of each battery in a stationary battery system. By means of a patented balancing process, EquaLink actively regulates the float charging current of each battery, making sure that all batteries charge at the optimal voltage.

EquaLink Battery Management System actively deals with batteries to raise reliability and make life longer, while other battery monitoring systems simply monitor batteries as they deteriorate.

EquaLink can supervise existing, ambient/room temperature, humidity, hydrogen gas and electrolyte levels. Through available Form C contacts/relays, EquaLink can also monitor electrical equipment like transfer switches, UPSs, inverters, generators and air conditioning systems.

EquaLink is intended for many battery applications including: lead acid (flooded/wet, VRLA, gel, AGM, etc.) as well as nickel cadmium (NiCd), nickel metal hydride (NiMH) and lithium ion (Li-Ion).

EquaLink requires very easy set up and configuration.


  • Avoidance of unexpected battery failure
  • Increased battery capacity
  • Expand battery life
  • Easy access to battery data via web browser
  • Automate data collection for NERC requirements and IEEE standards

How It Works

EquaLink examines individual battery voltages and matches it up to the battery system‘s overall voltage. Each EquaLink module has control over the amount of float existing that is passing through the battery to standardize the voltage to the optimum value. This steady monitoring and balancing of the individual charging voltages guarantees the accessibility of the battery system at all times. With its proprietary balancing process, EquaLink can monitor and control battery voltage within 0.001 volts of the system’s average float charging voltage.

Extension of Service Life

The service life of a string of batteries is tied to the weakest battery in the system. Most of the time, the service life of such a string is 50-60% of the manufacturer's design life. In the process of balancing, each of the batteries within the string is retained at optimal voltage levels, getting rid of the ill-effects of improper charging. The constant care offered by the Balancing process has been shown to enhance the service life of batteries.

Identify Imminent Battery Issues

Typical battery problems like sulfation, corrosion, gassing, dry out, and thermal runaway are identifiable given that it is properly monitored. Modifications in impedance and temperature - which are monitored by EquaLink - have a tendency to specify the onset of such issues.

Detect Stratification

By catching increases in impedance and drifting voltages, EquaLink permits the user to identify battery stratification.

Prevention of Thermal Runaways

By using an embedded dry contact output, the EquaLink system has the capability of tripping the battery breaker in the event of thermal runaway. There is a possibility for automatic battery disconnection, with the optional BM-AUX relay, which trips the battery breaker when user defined parameters are met.

Advance Warning System

EquaLink can offer advance warning (via audio, video, and network messages) of system events that need attention because it monitors key battery parameters and set thresholds,

Alert System

EquaLink observes system data and environmental parameters (hydrogen gas concentration, temperature, acid fill level, humidity, DC current, dry contacts, etc.).  Alerts can be installed, and this information can be accessed using several communications systems.

Standardize Charging

EquaLink is designed to watch and optimize lead-acid and other battery types in a given battery system.

Avoid Possibility Overcharging

The balancing process helps avoid the accidental overcharging of batteries. (By preventing overcharging, EquaLink helps to dry-out, limit gassing, and thermal runaway.)


EquaLink helps improve the service quality by providing remote monitoring through Internet, VPN, or any network that allows downloading of real time data and battery history. It is now possible to test batteries without the need to go to the trouble of disconnecting them from the system. Maintenance and testing take place under real operating conditions and necessitates no downtime.


EquaLink battery modules are capable of taking accurate measurements of individual battery voltage, internal resistance and, by the use of an integrated sensor, surface temperature. These measurements are vital in making analyses of the batteries in any given system.

EquaLink transmits data through the communication bus cable system to the EquaLink WebManager.

There are 4 different kinds of EquaLink modules: 12 Volt, 6 Volt, 4 Volt and 2 Volt. The module can be mounted on the top or side of each battery.

Equalink Battery Monitoring System

How It Works
Status Log Includes Data for Each Battery
How It Works - Picture 2
How It Works - Picture 3
The included EquaLink software (above) shows EquaLink-balanced voltages on a 5-year-old battery system with voltage spread.

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