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IR601/1 - Certified IR Carbon Dioxide Gas Sensor Head

The IR600 Series gas sensors have been created to sense and track occurrences of CO2, hydrocarbons and acetylene making use of the non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) principle also seen in the SGX Sensortech range of compact infrared gas sensors. Dual detector channels are utilized with a reference for background compensation, while for temperature compensation, a temperature sensor is attached.

IR600 sensors are intended to be used in conjunction with fixed gas detection systems. They are built with stainless steel flameproof enclosures with integral stainless steel sinters for the hazard-free entry of the gases under testing.

In order to facilitate simple fixing to the junction box of the fixed system, three varieties of mounting thread are available. On the outer front face, an M46 thread is present for attaching elective accessories for use in a variety of applications.

Models in the IR600 series need connection to appropriate transmitter systems for their signal processing, operation and power supply. They include a built-in, sealed pre-amplifier/buffer, and the IR600 lead in/out ends in an 8-pin connector.


  • Boasts a study, low-maintenance, stainless steel build with no moving parts and resistance to corrosion
  • Features a special gold-plated optical gas cavity, designed to offer stable signal levels
  • Offers a fast response combined with low power usage
  • Able to operate in a variety of temperature, pressure and humidity conditions
  • Has immunity from ‘poisoning’
  • Able to detect Carbon Dioxide (IR601), Hydrocarbons (IR602, IR603) and Acetylene (IR604)
  • Offers diffused gas sampling via sinter
  • Has a reference channel for self-compensation
  • Features a sealed pre-amplifier/buffer electronics
  • Additional accessories are available for applications in the field
  • Offers dependable, fail-safe use, certified by ATEX and CSA

Principle of Operation

SGX Sensortech creates a variety of Infrared (IR) Gas Sensors for a diverse selection of gases and vapors in a number of applications. With their basis in an SGX Sensortec patented optical design these gas diffusion type sensors are sturdy, small in size, low in power usage and make use of well-established NDIR (Non-Dispersive Infrared) detection techniques.

To run, the sensor makes use of the target gases’ innate ability to absorb radiation in the infrared section of the electromagnetic spectrum. SGX infrared sensors can be applied for the detection of a variety of target gases, using an infrared source, detector, and selective optical filters.

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