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Microthermal Gas Meter Modules for Smart Gas Meters

Sensirion’s microthermal gas meter modules allow for the reliable monitoring of gas consumption in real time at ultra-low power consumption rates. With an excellent long-term stability rate and MID accuracy class of 1.5, these gas meters enable the design of very compact MID-compliant gas meters to be easily installed in a number of different industries without requiring any moving parts.

This eliminates any unnecessary noise production during their operation. Sensirion’s microthermal gas meter modules are therefore the ideal choice for both high-volume residential and industrial smart gas metering applications.

With several years of successful use in both industrial and residential gas metering applications, Sensirion’s microthermal sensor technology is a well-established international tool that features self-diagnosis capabilities. For example, in Europe more than 2 million smart gas meters currently utilize Sensirion's microthermal gas meter modules.

In conclusion, Sensirion’s microthermal has been shown to lay the foundation for the future implementation of energy content monitoring of natural gas in both the industrial and residential settings and will ultimately revolutionize the monitoring potential of these meters within the smart energy industry.

Revolutionizing the Gas Metering Industry

Natural gas is a highly valuable natural resource that is consumed in many common applications each day; therefore, it is imperative for consumers to become increasingly aware of their consumption of this resource. Sensirion’s innovative gas meter modules that are based on microthermal sensor technology that allows users to seamlessly monitor their gas consumption to ultimately achieve full control of their energy costs, all the while becoming more conscious of their daily use of gas resources.

Sensirion’s Microthermal Technology Revolutionizes the Gas Metering Industry

Microthermal Measurement Principle

Every Sensirion gas meter module is equipped with a MEMS-based calorimetric micro sensor that is capable of measuring the flow of natural gas as a result of its utilization of the thermal measurement principle. The sensor element, which is located on a membrane within the gas meter module, is comprised of a micro-heater, as well as both upstream and downstream temperature sensors.

As gas flows over the membrane, it causes heat to transfer to the downstream positioned temperature sensor to ultimately create a precisely measurable signal as a result of the temperature difference. This sensor element is integrated with the signal conditioning electronics, including memory for calibration data, on a single CMOSens® chip.


  • Gas Meter Modules SGM60xx
    • Achieve MID accuracy class 1.5
    • Equipped with the latest CMOSense® flow chip
    • Capable of achieving an ultra-low power consumption
  • Gas Meter Modules SGM70xx
    • Standard products for residential smart gas metering applications
    • Achieve MID accuracy class 1.5
    • Available for a multitude of gas meter sizes including:
      • G1.6
      • G2.5
      • G4
      • G6

Product Features

  • Measures volume flow of natural gas
  • Achieves MID accuracy class 1.5
  • Certified according to OIML R 137 and EN 14236 for natural gas types L and H
    • Evaluation issued by NMi, which is one of the leading notifying bodies in Europe for type approval examination and the certification of measuring instruments
    • This certification allows gas meter manufacturers to obtain MID approval for gas meters that use Sensirion’s microthermal gas meter modules as a core metrological unit
  • Microthermal sensing technology
    • Static metering technology
    • Noiseless
    • No wear of mechanical parts
    • No moving parts
    • Low power consumption
    • Allows for the use of compact and affordable batteries
  • Currently used in more than 2 million smart gas meters
  • Has a successful track record of billions of hours of reliable gas metering in the field
  • Compact size
  • Cost-efficient
    • Competitive price as compared to other MID-approved metering technologies
  • Easy installation in the field
  • Relies on CMOSens® Technology
  • Complete Design-In Solution
    • Allows users to integrate SGM70xx into gas meter products rapidly and easily
    • Comes with detailed documentation
      • Provides information on how to mechanically integrate the sensor module into a gas meter product
      • Electronic reference design available for easy implementation and verification of sensor-relevant firmware
  • Awarded Smart Metering / Innovation Award at the eighth European Smart Energy and Utility Summit 2017

Microthermal Gas Meter Modules for Smart Gas Meters

Gas Meter Modules SGM60xx
Gas Meter Modules SGM70xx
Microthermal Measurement Principle
Complete Design-In Solution
Evaluation Certification according to EN 14236 and OIML R 137
Sensirion's Gas Meter Modules win Smart Energy Innovation Award

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