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Liquid Flow Meter LG16

The LG16 liquid flow meters are equipped with Sensirion’s CMOSens® microsensors that are housed within a compact and stripped-down unit that allows for the easy integration of these sensors into instruments and other closed systems.

With five different flow ranges, a variety of calibration options available depending on the type of media being used (H2O and/or hydrocarbons) and an electrical interface of either digital I2C or 0-5 V analog, the LG16 liquid flow meters offer users a comprehensive solution to measure both low and ultra-low flow rates.

All subtypes of the LG16 are capable of achieving the same level of strength associated with Sensirion’s liquid flow meters, of which include:

  • Fully calibrated digital flow sensing
  • Inert wetted materials
    • Glass
    • PEEK
    • Fluoropolymer
  • Rapid response times as low as 40 ms and below
  • Low power consumption

The specific measuring capabilities of Sensirion’s liquid flow meters include:

  • Highly dynamic fluidic processes
  • Closed-loop control of microfluidic systems
  • Bead and droplet count
  • Bubble detection

The applications of these measuring capabilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Medical applications
  • Point-of-care diagnostic devices
  • Vaporizers
  • Environmental testing units

The five subtypes of this liquid flow meter are capable of measuring maximum flow rates from 1.5 µl/min by LG16-0025, which is the smallest version, as well as much as 5 ml/min by the LG16-2000 for water and aqueous solutions. When hydrocarbon liquids, such as oils, organic solvents, fuel, or lubricants are being measured, flow rates up to 80 ml/min can be measured by the LG16-2000HC-D.

Note that the most successful application of the LG16 liquid flow meters have been shown to occur when these meters are directly integrated into an instrument or closed system. When standalone applications are being used, such as certain laboratory setups or bench-top testing, Sensirion recommends that consumers utilize the SLI and SLG liquid flow meters as a result of their robust interface for plug-and-play operation.

Product Features

  • LG16 series for flow rates from nl/min up to 5 ml/min  
  • Resolutions down as low as the sub nl-range
  • Response time: 40 ms
  • Digital I2C interface or analog output 0-5 V
  • Analog Output Supply voltage range: 7 V - 12 V
  • Digital Interface Supply Voltage Range: 3.5 V - 12 V
  • Inert wetted materials in which the flow channel can be comprised of either borosilicate or fused silica glass material
  • Excellent media compatibility
  • Chemical resistance
  • Media isolated sensing principle that ensures the sensor will never directly contact the fluid

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