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A Non-Intrusive Plastic Container Liquid Level Sensor - The ExOsense

The ExOsense™ sensor is a low-cost, non-intrusive liquid level sensor that has been specifically developed for plastic fluid containers.

The sensor can be fixed to the exterior of plastic bottles and is not affected by either transparency or the color of the plastic bottle. Issues like material contamination or compatibility are  fully eliminated because liquids within the bottle are not touched.

In addition, ExOsense™ sensors can be easily accommodated into vessels of different sizes and shapes, ranging from large tanks to small bottles. A peel-and-stick adhesive face is included in the sensor head that can be fitted anywhere on the exterior of the tank. It serves as a liquid level gauge, offering low, high or intermediate point level fluid sensing.

A solid-state switch unit in the ExOsense™ is powered by a USB type mini-cable that can be easily removed. The ExOsense™ sensor is utilized on immuno-chemistry, hematology, histology, cytology, hemodialysis, and medical laser systems.

Key Features

  • Non-Intrusive as fluid is untouched
  • Fluid contamination is prevented
  • Calibration is not required


  • Sterile water
  • Reagents
  • Diluent
  • Dialysate
  • Coolant Waste
  • Detergent/wash
  • Fluid monitoring application

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