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Durable & Reliable Point Level Sensor - CAP-300

  • Durable sealed design – IP67
  • Developed for the most rugged aqueous applications
  • Small size – 2” (51 mm) long
  • Tolerates coolant coating
  • Now available in 316L S/S for Food & Beverage Applications

The CAP-300 capacitive level sensor is one of GemsTM most durable and reliable point level sensors. The CAP-300 is compatible with coolants, making it the ideal OEM solution for power generation equipment, off-highway vehicles and generators, as well as Food & Beverage, Medical, Rail and HVAC applications.

For customers that work with water, coffee and dairy, there are NSF/ANSI 169 compliant models available. Requiring almost zero maintenance, this discrete sensor tolerates coating, will remain reliable even in standby mode and can be mounted to a tank in any position.

The capacitive based sensor is suited for the most challenging environments and can tolerate temperatures up to 257 °F (125 °C). With multiple customization options, including a variety of mounting types and electrical connections, and a number of actuation delays for when sloshing occurs, the CAP-300 is the perfect sensor for the most demanding of aqueous applications monitoring applications.

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