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Single-Point Level Switch Ideal for Shallow Tanks - LS-3

  • Engineered Plastics
  • Ideal for Shallow Tanks
  • Low Cost/High Volume Use

These reed switch designs are built for durability that ensures a long and hassle-free lifetime. This design also minimizes the effects of shock, wear and vibration, which allows these hermetically sealed switches to provide precise repeatability with no more than 1% deviation. The switch actuation points stay the same over the unit’s lifetime.

The LS-3 Series is perfect for use in shallow tanks or restricted spaces, or any low-cost, high volume use. The LS-3 Series can also be built from FDA/NSF compliant materials upon request.

  • Solid Foamed Polypropylene Float offers narrower design - only 19 mm (3/4") wide for tight spaces
  • Polysulfone Float: For water-based liquids, with limited use in oils and chemicals
  • Polypropylene Float (hollow): Features a low specific gravity float offering broad chemical compatibility
  • Polypropylene Float (Solid): With polypropylene stem and float, switch offers broad chemical compatibility

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