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Ultra Low Temperature Data Logger - Cryo-Temp Data Logger

The Cryo-Temp Data Logger is a new ultra-low temperature device that records temperatures as low as -86 °C (-122.80 °F). The device communicates with a personal computer by utilizing a USB docking station, which is sold separately. An ISO17025 accredited calibration certificate is included in the data logger.

Product Description

The Cryo-Temp data logger can be used in a wide range of applications, for example, monitoring blood plasma, pharmaceuticals, vaccines, shipping containers, and frozen foods. For this stand-alone device, additional probes are not needed. The enclosure is designed with a handle to enable easy attachment and is also splash proof.

The Cryo-Temp uses the MadgeTech Data Logger Software and offers time- and date-stamped temperature readings. The data can be viewed by the user in tabular or graphical form. With the help of the software, high and low warning limits and high and low alarm limits can be programmed. The user can also set the alarm limits in the range needed for the goods to be maintained.  When the temperature is nearing a low or high alarm limit, the user can be alerted about this by setting the warning limits.

The Cryo-Temp is fitted with three LEDs. The green LED blinks every 15 seconds while the recorder is logging. When the temperature has breached the warning limits, the yellow LED will blink every 3 seconds and when the temperature alarm has been breached, the red LED will blink every 3 seconds The Cryo-Temp is the perfect temperature monitoring solution for any application that involves low-temperature data logging.

Important Service Notice: To ensure user safety and optimum product performance, the Cryo-Temp data logger cannot be serviced for battery replacement or calibration. As a substitute, MadgeTech provides a product exchange program.

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