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Battery-Powered DC Voltage Data Logger - Volt101A Data Logger

The Volt101A is a stand-alone, battery-powered, low-level, DC voltage data logger that comes with a 10-year battery life. The device includes a NIST traceable calibration certificate.

Product Description

The Volt101A data loggers offered by MadgeTech are versatile data logging devices that have many uses and applications. Positive and negative wire leads can be connected directly to the terminal port on the Volt101A data logger to track and measure voltage levels. The Volt101A device is often used to evaluate battery efficiencies or in photovoltaic studies to identify the amount of energy that is being produced from solar cells.

The Volt101A includes a removable terminal block that makes it easy to retrieve the data logger for downloading while leaving the leads connected. The device can store up to one million date- and time-stamped readings has a 10-year battery life, and is perfect for voltage studies and long-term deployment.

There are four models of the Volt101A data logger. The 2.5 V model can measure from -3 V to 3 V, the 15 V model can measure from -8 V to 24 V, and the 30 V model can measure from -8 V to 32 V. For lower voltage applications requiring a higher resolution, MadgeTech also provides the Volt101A 160 mV model, which can measure voltage from -160 to160 mV.

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