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Data Logger with a 10-Year Battery Life - Temp101A Data Logger

The Temp101A is temperature data logger that comes with a 10-year battery life and includes ISO17025 accredited calibration certificate.

The Temp101A is unmatched in the portable, compact, and low-cost data logger category. This device has the ability to measure and record ambient temperature in the range of −40 °C to 80 °C and is roughly the size of a matchbox, thereby enabling easy placement even in confined spaces.

The Temp101A is equipped with a pushbutton start/stop on the device or can be configured to start and stop with the help of the MadgeTech Data Logger Software, with the potential to schedule a delayed start up to 18 months in advance. These characteristics together with the potential to store nearly 2,000,000 readings make Temp101A the perfect solution for long-term temperature deployment and monitoring cycles.

Certain common applications of the Temp101A include but are not limited to a warehouse and facility mapping, shipping and cold chain applications, refrigerator and freezer or HVAC monitoring.

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