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Wireless Receiver Transmitter Module for Mobile Networks

The T24-RDC is a wireless receiver that collects data from up to 200 sensors. By utilizing existing GPRS networks, this device can remotely monitor devices for a wide variety of applications by utilizing the Matracourt wireless T24 inputs.

Using a Quad Band GPRS telemetry modem, the T24-RDC allows users to log and report data to multiple destinations, these can include servers, email addresses and mobile phones. This results in world wide access to data for recording and monitoring.

Accepting remote data from multiple inputs: mV/V strain measurement, 4-20 mA, 0-10 V, temperature, pulse and potentiometer. All data is time and date stamped and sent to destinations at regular intervals. All measurements are compared to the user defined limits that can trigger alert measures, thereby allowing users to monitor their entire system in real time.

Note that the T24-RDC is a wireless data collection system that can connect to up to 200 sensors at any given moment. Furthermore, this system communicates through a GSM GPRS modem and is therefore bound by the restrictions and limitations of its connected mobile data network.

T24-RDC Product Features

  • GPRS mobile network is used to transmit text messages, email FTP and websites
  • Data can be received by as many as 200 wireless transmitters
  • User configurable alerts available
  • Can achieve a wireless sensor range of up to 800 meters (2,600 feet)
  • Can be easily integrated into currently used Mantracourt systems
  • Low power functionality lengthens the battery life
  • All data is stamped with the date and time
  • Data is stored in non-volatile memory forms
  • Remote configuration can be achieved through SMS
  • Data can be stored directly onboard in the event of a temporary GPRS connection failure
  • Rechargeable battery available on-board
  • IP65 enclosure dimensions: 122 x 120 x 55 mm (not including antenna and glands)


  1. What is the range of the T24-RDC?

Receiving 800 meters. Transmitting uses the mobile data network (global).

  1. How many channels are supported by the T24-RDC?

Up to 200 channels are supported by the T24-RDC.

  1. What are different data delivery options are available?

Email, SMS, FTP and HTTP post.

  1. How fast can the T24-RDC log data?

The T24-RDC can log data at a maximum rate of once per minute.

Wireless Receiver Transmitter Module for Mobile Networks

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