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Compact Thermal Mass Flow Meter with High Accuracy

The Voegtlin Red-y Compact Thermal Mass Flow Meter series incorporates compact and battery-powered thermal mass flow meters with options for both the manual valves and alarm functions. With a highly accurate and wide dynamic range, additional options include a special accuracy option of ±1% of the full scale, a turndown ratio of 1:50, a standard ±2 or 3%, depending on the flow range. Additional intelligent alarm functions are available for versatile applications, all of which can be installed in any position.

The power supply for the Red-y compact is a 24 Vdc battery that has a lifetime of approximately 2 years. Battery operation provides a high-precision alternative to variable area flow meters. In addition to the actual flow value, total flow can also be displayed, which is a particularly useful tool when gas consumption measurements are required.

All devices are calibrated with real gas to guarantee that the highest accuracy and reproducibility rates are achieved. Manual valve versions utilize high-precision need valves to allow for a fine adjustment of the flow rate to be achieved.

Product Features

  • Very compact unit
  • Battery power allows portable operation
  • Real gas calibration
  • Compensation for pressure and temperature changes
  • Local LC-display offers on-the-spot direct reading, including bar graphs
  • Displays total consumption as well as actual value (suited for gas consumption measurements)
  • High accuracy flow measurement with a wide dynamic range
  • Measurement, regulation and alarm functions
  • CMOS sensor technology
  • No restriction on installation position
  • Battery life of two years or more
  • Resistant to pressure bumps
  • Optional 24 Vdc power supply

Typical Applications

  • Leak measurement
  • Control of gas atmosphere
  • Gas consumption measurement
  • Burner control (Furnace construction)
  • Instrument calibration (Laboratories)

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