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Low-Cost Variable Area Flow Meter and Rotameter

The Mecon F VA Trogflux is a plastic tube, low-cost variable area flow meter/rotameter. This device has been specifically designed to measure the volume of transparent liquids or gases such as air, nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen, argon or helium, as they pass through plastic piping.

The Mecon F VA Trogflux is a useful tool for flow monitoring applications when it is equipped with one or more switching contacts. Standard scales can be made available for liquids that exhibit a density of 1 kg/l (62.43 lbs/cu.ft), all of which must be recalculated for other media, depending upon the specific physical characteristics of the sample.

The flow meter/ rotameter features a robust plastic measuring cone with float and the connection parts and is factory preset to specific standard measuring ranges. The Trogflux is supplied as either standard or short length flow tubes depending on the flow range and the accuracy class required.

Product Features

  • Product scales for liquids and gases
  • Low-cost plastic design
  • Simple assembly and handling


  • Processing plants for drinking water
  • Aquaculture research
  • Gas content measuring
  • Coolant content measuring

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