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Smart Pressure Controller with Short Response Time

Red-y smart pressure controllers combine reliable thermal mass flow technology and electronic pressure control. These pressure controllers automatically control a predefined process pressure and at the same time measure and/or limit the flow rate.

They are available in a standard economic version (flow accuracy ±1% of full scale, turndown ratio 1 : 50) or a hi-performance version (flow accuracy ±0.3% of full scale and ±0.5% of reading, turndown ratio 1 : 100) and are specified for forward or backward pressure control.

All devices are calibrated with real gas, guaranteeing high accuracy and reproducibility.

Features of the Red-y Smart Pressure Controller

  • Short response time: 50 ms
  • High accuracy flow measurement and pressure control with a wide dynamic range
  • The Red-y smart pressure controller combines 3 functions; pressure control, pressure control with flow measurement/limitation and flow control with pressure measurement.
  • Controllers to be specified for forward or backward pressure control
  • Pressure control with external transmitters, gas mixer functions and customer specific solutions available
  • Compact design, simple installation
  • Materials: aluminum or stainless steel
  • Supplied with ‘get red-y’ software on CD for gas flow measuring and controlling (view flow rate & temperature, select measured gas, change set points, graphical display of measured data, adjust control parameters, monitor operating state)
  • 3 years warranty (excluding battery)
  • High quality meter, produced and calibrated at Voegtlin’s operations in Switzerland


  • Pressure control of pressure vessels that contain stable gas mixtures, such as those in laser gas or welding applications
  • Overpressure of a sterile chamber (Flow rate determines potential leakages)

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