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Differential Pressure Sensors SDP800 Series

The SDP800 series of differential pressure sensors provide a reliable solution for precise measurements of air flow in challenging but cost-sensitive HVAC applications, like filter monitoring, VAV controllers, heat recovery systems, and burners.

Based on the state-of-the-art CMOSens® sensor chip, the SDP800 differential pressure sensors thus utilize the successful features of the SDP600 series. They are the result of over 15 years of experience in measuring air flow in innumerable numbers of patients, HVAC systems, and car engines. Thanks to their proven form factor, the differential pressure sensors of the SDP800 series can be effortlessly integrated. The next-generation sensor chip provides smart averaging functions, extended functionality, and multiple measurement modes. Similar to all Sensirion differential pressure sensors, those from the SDP800 series are defined by their long-term stability and excellent accuracy, along with no zero-point drift.

Different Configurations

  • Analog or digital (I2C) output
  • Manifold or tube connection
  • 500 Pa or 125 Pa

The highly versatile digital version includes adaptable measurement speeds of around 2 kHz, smart averaging functions, and multiple measurement modes (triggered/continuous mode). The version that has analog ratiometric voltage output can be configured to either linear or square root through a separate pin. The SDP81x is intended for a tube connection, while the SDP80x is designed for a direct threaded connection to a pressure manifold through O-ring sealing.

The SDP800 series, similar to all of Sensirion’s differential pressure sensors, is based on the patented CMOSens® Technology of Sensirion. This technology integrates the sensor element, digital calibration, and signal processing on a compact CMOS chip. Furthermore, the differential pressure is determined by a thermal sensor element using the flow-through principle. Due to this, the CMOSens® differential pressure sensors from Sensirion outpace conventional piezo-resistive membrane sensors in terms of sensitivity at low differential pressures and offset hysteresis and drift as well as temperature variations, position sensitivity, and shock resistance.


  • Long-term stability and excellent accuracy
  • No zero-point drift, no offset, hysteresis-free
  • Outstanding  accuracy and repeatability (even below 1 Pa)
  • Pressure range of around ±500 Pa (±2” H2O/±5 mbar)
  • For air and non-aggressive gases
  • Fully calibrated and temperature compensated (-20 °C to +85 °C)
  • Ideal for standard wave soldering


  • Fuel cells, gas boilers, and pellet stoves
  • HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning)
  • VAV control
  • Filter monitoring
  • Medical (for example, respiratory devices)
  • Heat recovery

The SDP800 Series

Based on their specific needs, users can select between different versions of sensors. The individual characteristics are shown below:

  SDP800 SDP810 SDP800 SDP810 SDP806 SDP816 SDP806 SDP816
Version 500 Pa 125 Pa 500 Pa 125 Pa
Output I2C Analog
Pneumatic Connection Manifold Tube Manifold Tube Manifold Tube Manifold Tube
Pressure range (bidirectional) 500 Pa
2" H2O
125 Pa
0.5" H2O
500 Pa
2" H2O
125 Pa
0.5" H2O
Key features Proven form factor with best performance Robust and accurate with analog output
Power supply 3 to 5.5 V
Accuracy of measured value 3%
Lowest detectable pressure < 0.02 Pa < 0.01 Pa < 0.02 Pa < 0.01 Pa
Measurement speed 0.5 ms 5 ms
Calibrated for Air, N2
Gas compatibility Air, inert gases



The EK-P5 evaluation kit provides fast, easy, and cost-efficient testing and evaluation of the SDP800 series differential pressure sensors.

The kit includes a SDP810 sensor that can be easily plugged into a PC through a USB cable. Using the software available online for download, users can test the differential pressure sensor under realistic conditions by following the easy installation steps. The kit can be directly purchased from Sensirion distributors.

Connecting Caps for SDP800 Series

Sensirion provides caps as an add-on component for the SDP800 series differential pressure sensors. The caps are particularly designed for applications where the sensor is connected with a cable and not PCB-mounted. Here, the caps act as a connector and allow a secure and easy connection between the sensor and the cable. They are compatible with all SDP800 sensors as well as the DuraClik™ Wire-to-Board Receptacle Housing.

Efficient Gas Flow Measurements in Bypass

The measurement of gas flow in applications demanding cost-efficiency and high precision is a major challenge. In recent years, experience has demonstrated that microthermal flow sensors are better than other technologies. Industries with stringent requirements, like medical and automotive technology, have come to recognize that microthermal gas flow sensors give decisive advantages to their products. These manifest themselves in high precision and long-term stability even when flow rates are minimal, and the suitability of sensors for reliable and cost-efficient mass production.

Differential Pressure Sensors SDP800 Series

Connecting Caps for SDP800 Series
Efficient Gas Flow Measurements in Bypass

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