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MIPEX-04 — The World’s Lowest Power Infrared Combustible Gas Sensor

The groundbreaking MIPEX-04 line of NDIR sensors are the lowest power infrared combustible gas sensors in the world. These sensors offer an unmatched low level of power consumption that cannot be offered by any other existing methane sensor. MIPEX-04 is nearly 1000+ times more energy-efficient compared to its closest competitors, thereby achieving a new milestone in the history of compact gas sensors and creating a solid foundation for a complete market of long-lasting, non-serviceable, battery-powered, combustible gas clip detectors.

MIPEX-04 is equipped with the same digital UART interface incorporated in other MIPEX products and can be tweaked for specific usage scenarios and operating conditions. Thanks to its high measurement accuracy, extremely low power consumption, and compatibility with industry-standard interfaces, MIPEX-04 is an ideal sensor for an entirely new market of sophisticated multi-gas analysis systems, fixed gas detection systems, and portable gas detectors employed in locations with the most demanding requirements for the duration of reliability and autonomous operation.


Marking and Standards Compliance

Pending certification. MIPEX-04 has been designed in compliance with:

  • IEC/EN 60079-0, IEC/EN 60079-11:
    • Explosion protection level — “ia”
    • Hazardous area class (Electrical equipment group) — “I” and “IIC”
    • Temperature class — “T6”


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