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SFM3200 Mass Flow Sensor for a Superior Performance at Low Flows

Sensirion’s SFM3200 mass flow meter is ideally suited for inspiratory flow measurements. Furthermore, an autoclavable/washable model is available (SFM3200-AW), which can endure autoclave procedures, making it reusable and suitable for expiratory flow measurements.

The SFM3200 mass flow meter is defined by its broad dynamic measurement range of up to 250 SLM, in addition to its measurement accuracy at low flows. The flow channel’s special design results in a very low-pressure drop via the flow body of the sensor, which renders it very suitable for medical ventilation and other respiratory applications. The thermal sensor element guarantees bidirectional measurement mode and rapid signal processing time, with the signal being internally linearized and temperature compensated.

The SFM3200 sensor’s exceptional performance is based on Sensirion’s patented CMOSens® Technology. The technology enables the addition of the sensor element and the analysis electronics on a single, minute CMOS silicon chip. The result is an extremely steady and precise system for challenging and cost-sensitive applications.


  • High robustness and reliability at variable inlet conditions
  • Autoclavable/washable version available (SFM3200-AW)
  • Excellent performance at low flows
  • Low-pressure drop
  • Flow range: up to 250 SLM (bidirectional measurement mode)
  • Rapid signal processing time
  • Mechanical interface for electrical reconnection
  • Medical cones for pneumatic connection to typical breathing circuits
  • Signal internally linearized and temperature compensated


  • Expiratory flow measurements (SFM3200-AW)
  • Inspiratory flow measurements (SFM3200)
  • Metabolic measurements
  • Respiratory measurements
  • Drug Delivery
  • Ventilation
  • Anesthesia

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