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Single-Point Ranging LiDAR for Ambient Lighting

The single-point ranging LiDAR—TF02 — can operate steadily in rugged ambient light outdoors. Thanks to its robust shell and IP65 protection, the LiDAR can easily adapt to unfavorable conditions in various application scenarios.

The TF02 single-point ranging LiDAR has been successfully used in plant protection drones of terrain following, parking space detection, tower crane warning, material level measurement, and other fields.

The TF02-C LiDAR is based on the TF02 model and has been improved for use in feed tank with a dust-resistance function. The TF02-C model can automatically clean up dust, thereby protecting products from dust and reducing the cleaning costs. As a result, this product has built an excellent reputation in both local and international markets.

  • Ambient light immunity
  • Detection range: 22 m

Detailed Parameters of TF02

Performance Parameters
Operating Range 0.4 m - 10 m @ 10% reflectivity
0.4 m - 22 m @ 90% reflectivity
Frame Rate 100 Hz
Distance Resolution 1 cm
Accuracy ≤6 cm (less than 5 m);<2% (5 m - 22 m)
Optical Parameters
Operation Wavelength 850 nm
Communication and Interface
Output Data Single-point distance value
Communication Interface UART/CAN
Mechanical/electrical Parameters
Supply Voltage DC 5V (≥1A)
Power Consumption 1 W
Dimension(L*W*H) 69 mm * 46 mm * 26 mm
Weight 52 g
Operating/working Characteristics
Ambient Light Immunity 100 klux
Operation Temperature -10 ℃ ~ 60 ℃
Enclosure Rating IP65

* The photobiological safety satisfies EN 62471 Standard (Exempt group)

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