TeraRanger Evo 3m - Long-Range IR LED ToF 2D Distance Sensor

Terabee’s TeraRanger Evo 3m infrared distance sensor, with its 10 cm to 3 m range, greater accuracy, and fixed 100 Hz update rate, is ideally suited for object detection, close-range distance and ranging, and robot navigation. All this is offered to customers in a small and lightweight form-factor.

Key Product Features of TeraRanger Evo 3m

  • Small and lightweight design (from 9 g)
  • Enhanced for close range measurements (beginning from 10 cm)
  • Works in low light and total darkness
  • Infrared Time-of-Flight technology
  • Choice of I2C, USB, and UART clip on interfaces
  • ROS and Pixhawk ready

Applications of LiDAR ToF Sensor

  • Drone precision landing
  • Close range distance measurements
  • Robot navigation, positioning
  • Averting robot collision

Unique Modular Design

The TeraRanger Evo sensors consist of an optoelectronic sensing device (black module) as well as a choice of backboard (yellow model), which easily plugs-in to provide the sensor with its power management capabilities and communication link without the need for complicated wiring or adapters. Users can easily select the backboard that ideally suits their application and communication protocol. Backboards like UART, USB, and I2C are available.

For first-time users, Terabee suggests the USB backboard as it allows them to perform rapid tests on a PC with its graphical user interface. This arrangement is also essential for probable firmware updates in future.

Other backboards with industry-standard protocols and interfaces can also be configured to support the user’s application.

Build Personalized Multi-Directional Sensor Module Array

Multi-sensor applications can also be built with TeraRanger Evo 3m sensors. Users can connect up to 8 Evo sensors to Terabee’s lightweight PCB board, called TeraRanger Hub Evo, which allows them to rapidly prototype custom sensor arrays without being hindered by pre-programmed configurations. The TeraRanger Hub Evo also comprises a built-in sensor crosstalk avoidance system.

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