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eDAQXR Next-Generation Mobile Data Acquisition System

The eDAQXR from HBM is the ideal solution for harsh environment testing, regardless of whether individuals are new customers seeking strong data acquisition, or current eDAQ customers wishing to upgrade the existing system.

The eDAQXR is suitable for testing several applications such as agriculture, recreational vehicles, mining, automotive, construction, and military.

The eDAQ is a layered system comprising a base processor that can support up to eight signal conditioning layers. The signals can include bridge, pulse, temperature, CAN, voltage, etc.

The next-generation processor for the eDAQ is the eDAQXR, which supports the same signal conditioning layers below. Eventually, HBM will also support new layers that are being designed. With the eDAQXR, users also have the ability to use the expansion modules, forming a robust centralized data acquisition system that can also have distributed components.

Furthermore, HBM has introduced new features such as smart power management, robust file format, and electronics with a conformal coating.

Remarkably Rugged

  • Robust file format shielding against data corruption
  • IP65/IP67
  • 8-36 V operation
  • 10 g vibration, 75 g shock
  • Internal power backup


  • Configurable – Layers (centralized) modules (distributed)
  • Browser-based software (eDAQXR)
  • Multiple channel versions: pulse, CAN, temperature, strain gauge, voltage, GPS, camera, etc.
  • Import/export from Excel (eDAQXR)
  • Sensor database (eDAQXR)


  • Three decades of proven experience
  • Numerous systems in the field that are more than 10 years old, and still working well
  • Used by the biggest names in agriculture, construction, recreational vehicles, and mining

Typical Applications

Agriculture, Construction Machinery, and Mining

  • Full vehicle or component structural testing
  • Road Load Data Acquisition (RLDA) data collection
  • Easily distributed for large vehicles
  • Shock tested to tolerate the most challenging of environments


  • High channel count
  • Product robustness testing
  • Designed for compact fit in vehicles
  • Mobile acquisition of load mechanical parts on bad road surfaces (RLDA testing)

Railroad Testing

  • Distributed measurements on freight and passenger trains — concurrent sampling
  • Shock tested to survive rail environs
  • Mobile data acquisition in rail transport such as test and acceptance tasksGPS sync for data collected on cars and on rail


Image credit: Hottinger Baldwin Messtechnik GmbH

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