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OXY-Flex Oxygen Analyzer for Measuring Oxygen Levels in Closed Systems

The Oxy-Flex Oxygen Analyzer is ideal for the measurement of oxygen levels in closed systems, for example, boiler exhaust flues and ventilation pipes. The analyzer has the ability to measure the concentration of oxygen in air or gas mixtures at temperatures ranging from −100 °C to 400 °C.

The oxygen sensor element, which is equipped at the tip of the stainless steel probe, is safeguarded by a stainless steel cap. The system electronics is housed within the IP65 waterproof die-cast aluminum housing, which offers the interface through which the user can connect.


  • Accommodated in a sealed, die-cast aluminum housing
  • Zirconium dioxide technology offers low maintenance and extended service life
  • Operates at temperatures ranging from −100 °C to 400 °C
  • Configurable outputs: 4–20 mA and 0–10 Vdc, or RS232
  • Can be calibrated in any known O2 concentration or in fresh air
  • Optional output measurement ranges: 0%–25% O2 or 0%–100% O2

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