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Oxygen Depletion Safety Alarm for Indoor Oxygen Levels

Oxygen depletion safety alarms available from GasLab have been designed to track indoor oxygen levels close to storage tanks of gases such as argon, nitrogen, or carbon dioxide.

Oxygen can be rapidly displaced by pressurized system gas leaks and this may lead to a hazardous confined work area.

Both visual and audible visual alarms are included in the monitors. Relays activated with the alarms can update a management display, convey a notification to emergency first responders, or control a HVAC system. In addition, all alarm levels are user-configurable to enable particular applications.

GasLab’s oxygen depletion safety alarms are user-friendly and can be easily installed. Users can simply mount both the units on the wall (all hardware and cables included), then plug the monitoring unit within a typical wall outlet, and the alarm is all set to guard the area.


  • Three configurable alarm relays
  • 80 dB visual and audible alarms
  • Huge display clearly denotes the present level and temperature of gas
  • 4–20 mA output to enable remote display of gas levels
  • Remote can be extended up to 300 ft from the main unit
  • Dependable connections with regular Ethernet cable
  • IP54 enclosure—prevents water damage at the time of wash-down


RAD-0002: Oxygen Depletion Safety Alarm

This alarm is used in medical, industrial, and cryogenic applications where inert gases, including nitrogen, are stored. It utilizes RAD-0022 add-on display.

RAD-0200-2: Oxygen Depletion + CO2 Safety Alarm

This alarm is used in breweries, restaurants, or any place where liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) is kept. It uses RAD-0202-2 add-on display.

CM-1026: Dual Strobe Add-On Kit

Users can fix a flashing strobe to both the remote display and sensor to achieve a more visual alarm. The kit is ideal for high-noise environments. Customers can contact GasLab to see whether their municipality or local Fire Code needs these.

CM-1026-5: 100-240 VAC Strobe Tower Add-On Kit

Alarm levels 1–3 are indicated by yellow, orange, and red colors. Higher decibel alarm can be added.

CM-1026-6: 24 VDC Strobe Tower Add-On Kit

This kit includes the same features as CM-1026-5 for 24 V DC hard-wired systems.


Oxygen Alarm

  • Alarms: 15%, 17%, and 19% O2 (configurable)
  • Measurement range: 0%–25% oxygen sensor
  • Operating temperature: 0–50 °C (32–122 °F)
  • Alarm response time: <60 seconds
  • Sensor life expectancy: Two to three years
  • Calibration: Factory calibration or manual with test gas

Carbon Dioxide Alarm

  • Alarm response time: <60 seconds
  • Alarms: 5,000 ppm TWA, 1.5% CO2, 3% CO2 (configurable)
  • Measurement range: 0–5% (50,000 ppm)
  • Sensor life expectancy: 15 years
  • Calibration: Factory calibration or manual with test gas
  • Operating temperature: 0 °C–50 °C (32 °F–122 °F)


  • Power consumption: 3 W
  • 24 V DC hard-wired power option (cable is included)
  • Power supply: 110–240 V AC to 6 V DC adapter
  • Relay color coding: Red and White = Normally Open; Blue and White = Normally Closed
  • Relays: Peak current < 2A at 30 V DC or 250 V AC, SPDT
  • Six V DC battery backup connections


  • One year—Refer GasLab’s terms and conditions


Installation (same as CO2 alarm except that oxygen depletion alarm should be mounted 48 inches off the floor).

CO2 Storage Safety Triple Alarm Installation

Relay Controlled Exhaust Fan (same wiring as CO2 alarm).

CO2 Storage Safety Alarm with Relay Controlled Fan

Oxygen Depletion Safety Alarm for Indoor Oxygen Levels

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