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Lightweight Marker with 3D Capability—3D-Ultralight Scan Head

FARO®’s 3D-Ultralight scan head is a 3-axis solution that provides better field-size/spot-size ratios when compared to those provided by traditional f-theta scanning lenses.

ultralight scanhead

The dynamic lens translator of the scan head enables various combinations of field and spot sizes, allowing continuous modification of the focus distance to produce a contoured or flat field.

The 3D-Ultralight scan head can achieve spot sizes as small as 260 µm and scan fields as large as 400 m x 400 m. The scan head has an improved center of gravity and a significantly reduced mass; it has been built with air-cooled optics to provide high power for robotic arm applications.

The possibility of altering the spot and field size ensures application versatility, which is ideal for industrial processing. The system works with numerous positions, acting on materials from virtually any angle, and working distance with large 3D volume.

When compared to other scan heads, the 3D-Ultralight offers much more potential in a compact box.

Key Features of the FARO® 3D-Ultralight Scan Head

  • Mirror size—45 mm
  • Lightweight—9.7 kg
  • Air-cooled optics
  • Wavelength—CO2
  • Large Field/Small Spot—The 3D-Contour can scan fields as wide as 1 m x 1 m and produce a laser spot size as small as 30 µm, for marking at any spot in the field. The potential to modify the field and spot size provides application versatility.
  • Supports Numerous Positions—The system has been designed for robotic arm applications, and can act on materials from nearly any angle and working distance with large 3D volume.
  • CG optimized
  • Applications up to 1.2 kW (peak)
  • Custom correction files can be easily produced

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