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10-mm Aperture Digital Servo-Controlled Scan Head—Digi-Cube

FARO Technologies has introduced a 10 mm aperture digital servo-controlled scan head called FARO® Digi-Cube. The scan head offers excellent precision, delivers a high scan rate, and costs less than similar analog models that have lower performance.

The Digi-Cube Digital Scan Head is a high-value alternative to lower performance products developed by other scan head manufacturers, and fully matches with an industry-standard mounting interface.

The Digi-Cube has been designed for plug-and-play replacement of existing analog scan heads and for simple OEM integration. These features streamline installation and compatibility issues. The FARO® Digi-Cube utilizes standard XY2-100 communication protocol that includes an industry-standard mechanical bolt pattern, power and communication pin-outs, and a wide range of lenses and mirror coatings.

In addition, the FARO® Digi-Cube uses Self-Tuning Technology that automatically compensates for mechanical wear, extending the service life and preventing the associated difficulties when using traditional analog servo filters.

The scan head also uses the Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology, to rapidly quantify and predict the exact drive impulses required to achieve the movements of mirrors, with the fastest possible acceleration. This offers an extraordinary 1000 impressions per second.

The operating parameters of the individual galvos are established through complete self-diagnosis and system check. This ensures precise, accurate, defect-free laser marking positioning, when compared to analog models that require complicated manual recalibration after prolonged usage.

The FARO® Digi-Cube offers 50% to 100% better speed performance, especially when marking time is limited to the galvo performance, rather than laser power.

Features of the FARO® Digi-Cube

  • Improved dynamic performance
  • Compact and efficient DSP design
  • Can be easily fitted into any new or existing production lines
  • Improved productivity with significantly faster and more precise vector performance, when compared to analog scan heads
  • Rapid mark “on the fly” processing function with supported controllers
  • Temperature drift is reduced by lower internal temperatures
  • Industry-standard mounting and communication protocol provides rapid and easy installation
  • Can be adapted with any system using the digital XY2-100 interface protocol
  • The most cost-effective method for enhancing the performance of scan heads
  • Automatic tuning checks when switched on

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