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XYZ Beam Steering—3D-XB Scan Head

The 3D-XB Scan Head available from FARO® Technologies has been designed to offer large field sizes measuring between 150 and 2000 mm, without using gantries, f-theta lenses, or XY tables.

The 3D-XB Scan Head is a 3-axis technology that provides improved spot-size/field-size ratios than those of standard f-theta scanning lenses. The scan head allows spot sizes as small as 30 µm or scan fields as large as 2 m x 2 m.

The potential to modify the field and spot size offers application versatility, making the 3D-XB Scan Head perfect for process development and job shop settings.

By constantly adjusting the focus distance, the dynamic lens translator creates a contoured or flat field. Different combinations of field and spot size can be selected, by simply turning a knob to control the working distance.

The high-performance and accurate 3D-XB Scan Head is used for optical scanning in both XY and XYZ applications with an array of laser wavelengths. This flexible tool is well suited for most of the laser applications.

Features of the FARO® 3D-XB Scan Head

  • Ideal for high-volume factory laser processing
  • Versatile for job shop settings and process development
  • Small spot/large field: The 3D-XB Scan Head can produce a laser spot size as small as 30 µm, or scan fields as large as 1 m x 1 m for marking anywhere in the field. The potential to modify the field and spot size offers application versatility.
  • Processes 3D work surface: The 3D-XB Scan Head combines an XY scan head and also a linear lens translator (the Z-axis) that creates a flat or contoured field by dynamically aiming at the workpiece surface.
  • Wavelengths available: 10.6 μm or 1064 nm
  • Mirror sizes available: 30–45 mm
  • Custom correction files can be easily generated

XYZ Beam Steering—3D-XB Scan Head

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