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Stand-Alone Laser Marking Controllers—LEC-2 Embedded Controller

FARO®’s LEC-2 Embedded Controller is a small, self-contained 20-bit controller that provides innovative hardware and software control technology to drive galvanometer-based laser scanning systems.

The LEC-2 is built for high-speed manufacturing environments that perform dynamic laser marking. It provides integrated synchronized I/O for connection to factory automation tools.

software control galvanometer laser scanning systems

The LEC-2 can be linked to a PC through Ethernet using regular TCP/IP protocols. Moreover, it provides external USB connections to assist job file distribution through industry-standard USB flash disks. RS232 Serial I/O is also provided for user interface, serial laser control, and diagnostic access.

The LEC-2 does not require a PC on the factory floor. Jobs can be carried out remotely over the network or stored on the LEC-2 Embedded Controller, which is supplied with 600 MHz of processing power and 512 MB of storage (up to 4 GB optional).

laser marking software

The LEC-2 control board functions efficiently with FARO®’s WinLase® Laser Marking Software and a complete series of scan heads. These features offer OEMs and system integrators both accuracy and high-speed performance for many applications. Combined with laser control and real-time vector, the LEC-2 controller is well-suited for automatic manufacturing settings.

Key Features and Benefits of the FARO® LEC-2 Controller

  • Digital or direct analog interface to support XY or XYZ galvanometer-based scan heads for easy integration
  • Highly integrated 10/100 Ethernet-based controller
  • Completely autonomous control over all laser output signals—PC is not necessary
  • Excellent memory capability with 512 MB on-board FLASH storage for local jobs
  • Accu-Gen 20™ 20-bit design for excellent speed and accuracy
  • FPGA/System-on-a-Chip (SoC) for on-board real-time processing of vectors and laser control
  • Supports standalone and streaming modes of operation, for increased flexibility
  • Supports several scan head protocols: SL2-100, XY2/100, and other 24-bit protocols
  • Software-selectable laser signal polarity and timing; jumpers are not required
  • One 8-bit optically isolated digital output port for laser power control
  • Industry-leading laser control frequency of up to 5 MHz with 100 ns pulse width, offering many laser options
  • USB host port for portable Flash disk access and other peripheral I/O
  • Polarity and timing for all laser control signals can be selected via software
  • RS-422 digital encoder inputs for tracking moving parts (mark on the fly)

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