Loop-Powered Level Transmitter—SafeSonic 25-L Level Transmitter

SafeSonic 25-L Level Transmitter is an intrinsically safe (IS) ultrasonic level transmitter from Senix Corporation. The transmitter is CSA-rated for Class I Division 1 hazardous areas in the United States and Canada.

The transmitter has a maximum range of 25 ft (7.62 m), and is commonly used for tank level measurement. However, the transmitter can also be used for other dangerous area applications like measuring the roll diameter on coating machinery.

The sensing element in the transmitter is resistant to chemicals, and the electrical connection is a two-wire, loop-powered 4–20 mA output. The SafeSonic 25-L is pre-calibrated from 1 to 25 ft, but with optional accessories, it can be user-calibrated to other ranges.

Key Features

  • Robust piezoelectric ultrasonic transducer
  • Intrinsically safe design
  • Two-wire, 4–20 mA current loop-powered
  • UV resistant, potted-in cable or 4-pin M12 connector
  • Chemically resistant PVDF lower body
  • Top or bottom NPT mounting threads
  • Potted for wet and dirty applications


  • Non-contact measurement
  • Certified for unsafe environments in the United States and Canada
  • Low energy and low wiring cost
  • Can be used to measure a variety of liquid chemicals
  • Simple mounting with basic threads
  • Dependable operation in dirty and wet environments

SenixSAFE-L Software

  • Output proportional to level, distance, or volume
  • Calibration range of 4–20 mA
  • Seven-point linearization
  • No target response
  • Temperature compensation on/off (default is on)
  • Update rate

It is possible to configure the SafeSonic ultrasonic level transmitters for unsafe environments, to offer volume outputs for non-linear tank shapes or flow outputs for weirs and flumes.

Level Transmitter Part Numbers

level transmitters Level Transmitter Part Number Cable Length
(potted- in)
SSPC-L25-6 6-ft
SSPC-L25-10 10-ft
SSPC-L25-20 20-ft
SSPC-L25-30 30-ft
SSPC-L25-50 50-ft
SSPC-L25-100 100-ft


level transmitter Part Number Connector Only
SSPC-L25-0 4-pin M12 male connector, A code


Configuration Accessories

Part Number Description (see Accessories links below)
UA-RCD-L Remote Configuration Device for SafeSonic 25-L when used with SenixSAFE-L software.


Level Transmitter Specifications

. .
Range 1 to 25 feet (0.31 to 7.62 meters)
Accuracy +/-0.25% of detected range
Output 4-20 mA, 2-wire loop powered
Temperature -40° to 140 °F (-40° to 60 °C)
Humidity 0 to 100% operating
Protection NEMA-4X, IP65
Transducer Ruggedized piezoelectric
Compensation Internal temperature compensation
Update Rate 15 Seconds avg. (SenixSAFE-L adjustable)
Hazardous Area Certifications Class I, Div. 1, Groups C & D, T3
Class I, Zone 0, AEx iA IIB, T3
Ex ia IIB, T3


level transmitter specifications

level sensor specifications


. .
Top Mount 3/4 in NPT thread
Bottom Mount 2-in NPT thread
Materials Transducer: PVDF (Kynar); Housing: PC/PBT
Total Weight 1.5 lbs. (0.68 kg) (with 6-ft cable)


Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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