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Long-Range ToF Distance Sensor - IND-TOF-1

Developed to meet industrial standards, IND-TOF-1 offers long-range detection capabilities using Time-of-Flight technology. The rugged IP-65 enclosure ensures dust-proof and water-resistant operation, while the sensor’s compact form-factor allows installation in places not possible with larger & heavier sensors.

Programmable distance thresholds can be set using on-the-field teach-in buttons to trigger alarms, detect presence, count objects and more! The sensor provides proximity notification with a classic NO/NC switching output, while also communicating distance data via RS485 interface. Six operating modes enable you to address a variety of monitoring applications!

Key Product Features

  • Time-of-Flight technology, up to 60 meter range
  • IP 65-rated enclosure
  • 6 operating modes with programmable distance thresholds
  • RS485 (MODBUS) interface for distance-to-target feedback
  • NO/NC switching output for proximity notification (24V)
  • Quick & intuitive on the field programming using teach-in buttons
  • PLC compatible (12 to 24V, M12)
  • Compact form-factor, 80 grams

Potential Applications

  • Presence detection with distance-to-object feedback
  • Stock level monitoring & volume estimation 
  • Object sorting for size (height monitoring)
  • Single-point object profiling 
  • Object positioning tasks
  • Monitoring object position tolerances
  • Collision avoidance on AGVs, forklifts
  • Loading rack detection & distance feedback to pallet 
  • Entry monitoring of industrial trucks & forklifts (height warning) 

1 Sensor, 6 Operating Modes

Benefit from 6 embedded operating modes to address a variety of monitoring and distance sensing applications. 

Receive proximity notifications about breached trigger areas with a classic NO/NC switching output (24V) and obtain factory-calibrated distance data via an RS485 interface. 

  1. Set one, two or three distances thresholds and specificity your trigger areas. Choose to activate the sensor as soon as the light beam is broken for reactive presence detection and alarm applications. Or get notified only once an object has passed (left) the sensors Field of View for counting applications. Users can also disable the distance threshold functionality to benefit only from regular distance data updates. 
  2. Choose between different output trigger logic (...when to activate the sensor) - as soon as the light beam is broken or only once an object has passed the entire sensor Field of View! Or benefit only from ranging data without the use of distance thresholds. 

For more information on operating modes, please reference Terabee IND-TOF-1 user manual. 

Introducing Terabee IND-TOF-1 - ToF distance sensor, 12.5m, IP65, RS485, NO/NC (0-24V)

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