Standard Capacitance Probe for Point Level Detection

The PROCAP I and II standard capacitance probes available from BinMaster detect the absence or presence of material in contact with the probe. They achieve this by sensing small variations (as low as 0.5 pF) in capacitance that occurs due to the changes in the dielectric constant of the material versus the air.

Simple calibration, interference-free operation, and fail-safe functionality are some of the attributes of the PROCAP I and II standard capacitance probes. They deliver accurate performance even in sticky, dusty, or clinging materials.

Thanks to a broad collection of probes and extensions, as well as Class II hazardous location ratings, these point-level capacitance probes are suitable for a range of liquid, solid, and slurry materials.


  • Used in chutes, bins, tanks, conveyors, and vessels
  • Point level detection and process control for liquid, solid, and slurry materials
  • Chemicals, pharmaceuticals, plastics, concrete, food ingredients, coal/fly ash, feed, mining, foundries, grain, paper or wood processing, many other materials


  • Triple thread screw-off cover
  • “Quick-Set” simple calibration
  • Unmatched sensitivity of 0.5 pF
  • Visual LED indicates sensor status: covered, uncovered, or power failure
  • Dual conduit entrance
  • PRO-Shield compensates for material accumulation
  • Optional sensing probes: bare, Teflon or Delrin sleeved, flush mount, food grade, flexible and solid extensions
  • Works below RF range, protection from RF interference, and temperature stable calibration
  • Fail-safe switch enables selecting high/low
  • Time delay adjustable to 30 seconds

Video Credit: BinMaster

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