Diaphragm Switch for Point Level Detection in Hazardous Locations

The BM65 diaphragm switch from BinMaster offers automatic point level indication of free-flowing dry materials. The diaphragm switch can be used in settings where there is a hazard of combustible dust.

The BM65 is UL Class II, Groups E, F, and G explosion-proof certified, and can be set up in potentially hazardous locations to detect low, intermediate, and high levels.

The BM65 diaphragm switch is available with both internal and external mounting options. Other options are a heavy-duty neoprene diaphragm, a standard neoprene diaphragm, or a heavy-duty silicon diaphragm, making it compatible with a wide range of materials.


  • Material density from 20 lb./cu. ft.
  • Point level detection executed reliably for free-flowing dry materials
  • Used in vessels, bins, and a few plugged chute applications
  • Plastics, feed, grain, seed, food, rubber, granules, light powders, and many other materials


  • Simple design and sturdy construction
  • HazLoc approval Class II
  • Die-cast aluminum housing
  • Multiple voltages
  • Cost-effective point level detection
  • Silicone or neoprene diaphragm material
  • External or internal mount

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