Vibrating Rod for Level Indication in Hazardous Environments

BinMaster’s VR-90 is a vibrating rod used as a level indicator in coarse-grained and granular bulk solids stored in silos, tanks, bins, and hoppers. It comprises of a round, stainless steel rod that resists material accumulation and requires limited maintenance.

The VR-90 is suitable for a wide range of processing industries. It can be used for low- or high-level detection in bulk solids or to detect the sediment level settled in a liquid. The VR-90 is ideal for unclassified areas or can also be developed to fulfill a wide variety of hazardous location approvals.

Video Credit: BinMaster


  • Designed for coarse-grained and granular bulk solids
  • Avoids overfilling and provides dry run protection
  • Hazardous location areas in which approvals are required
  • Bins in which the material stored is frequently changed
  • Applications with strong external vibration
  • Food or pharmaceuticals using stainless steel enclosure option


  • Typically unaffected by the physical or chemical properties of the material being measured
  • Easy to install in an empty vessel without materials being present
  • Needs no calibration during material change
  • Smooth vibrating rod surface resists material accumulation and can be cleaned easily
  • Product-free switching point for dependable operation in different or new materials
  • Minimal maintenance lowers costs and saves time
  • Optional stainless-steel enclosure for pharmaceutical or food operations

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