Dust Alert for Leak Detection

BinMaster offers simplified solutions for customers who look for single-point particulate monitoring and basic operation. With a built-in electronics and sensing probe, the Dust Alert from BinMaster makes use of inductive electrification technology to perform detection and alerting, through either an alarm relay or 4–20 mA output, whenever dust emissions surpass a preset point.

This highly sensitive technique reduces the impact of temperature drift, particulate velocity change, and sensor contamination. The Dust Alert DD-3000 has been designed to prevent downtime, reduce maintenance, and save time, making it best-suited for baghouse leak detection or installation in pipes, ducts, or stacks.

Video Credit: BinMaster


  • Best suited for alerting to cyclone overflow and baghouse leak detection
  • Used in chemicals, cement, carbon-black, mining, wood, asphalt, and various other applications
  • Can be installed in ducts, stacks, or pipes


  • Probes are fully insulated, thus protecting against false alarms due to conductive particles, moisture, or buildup
  • Maintenance-free induction sensing technology
  • Users can choose their output: alarm relay or 4–20 mA transmitter
  • High value and low cost in a single-piece unit

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