BinView: Web-Based Application for Remove Inventory Monitoring

BinMaster’s BinView is a web-based application that can be used for remote inventory monitoring of liquids or solids in bins, tanks, or silos. It can be used with a wide range of BinMaster sensors and even other sensors with Modbus RTU and an analog output of 4–20 mA.

BinView provides automated alerts and includes a real-time inventory data display, thus enabling users to easily handle multiple vessels at various locations. BinView is equipped with an intuitive interface that has been improved for both mobile and desktop devices.

With the administrator controls, users can specify user privileges. This feature facilitates multiple users to access information—if they prefer—and safeguards against unauthorized modifications to the system.

Video Credit: BinMaster


  • Remote wireless inventory management of liquids or solid materials in bins, tanks, and silos
  • Grain elevators, fertilizer plants, and feed mills
  • Poultry growing, breeding, and hatching facilities, as well as cattle and hog operations
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing, cement batch plants, and wood pellet production
  • Packaging and plastics manufacturing


  • Monitoring can be performed 24/7 wherever there is internet access
  • Remote monitoring via PC, tablet, or smartphone
  • Avoids the need for manual monitoring, thus improving safety and saving time
  • Wireless networks simplify installation, thus minimizing installation costs
  • Reliable, automatic, and accurate bin information updates
  • Automated alerts sent through SMS or email text message
  • Purchasing and logistics optimized by historical reporting
  • Highly scalable for one or several vessels for one or several locations

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