Digital Panel Meter for Level Sensors: DPM-100

The DPM-100 digital panel meter available from BinMaster is a multi-purpose and user-friendly display for a Modbus-enabled level sensor of any type. The DPM-100 is provided with a wide, bright LED display that can be easily viewed irrespective of smoke, bright sunlight, dust, fog, or distance. This feature makes it useful for indoor or outdoor applications.

It is possible to program the DPM-100 digital panel meter as a Modbus RTU master, snooper, or slave. Each device has the capability to scan up to 16 process variables; thus, it is best suited for monitoring and control of multiple tank levels. The DPM-100 is equipped with an easy-to-use keypad that enables users to manage output relays, as well as to set and recognize alarms.


  • Operations that handle a broad array of process variables
  • Manufacturing companies that employ Modbus-enabled sensors to handle process operations
  • Plants in which continuous monitoring of multiple storage vessels is needed
  • Monitoring the level of liquids, powders, or solids stored in tanks, bins, or silos
  • Process operations in which outages and overfills must be eliminated


  • Three operation modes—master, snooper, and slave
  • Compatible with level sensors that include Modbus protocol
  • Sturdy front panel design withstands high impact and weather
  • Up to 16 process variables can be accommodated in a range of math functions
  • Upper and lower large, easy-to-view red LED displays, which can be customized
  • Sophisticated linearization capability compensates for submerged structures and vessel shape
  • Automatic scanning at set intervals or manual scanning

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