Point-to-Multipoint Wireless Bridge: WR-90-TR

The WR-90-TR wireless bridge available from BinMaster is a point-to-multipoint wireless bridge that avoids the use of running wiring. This feature minimizes installation costs and saves time. This system is used in combination with the WR-90-BA base station that can be programmed for a range of inputs and outputs.

The WR-90-TR receives Modbus®, analog, and discrete inputs and wirelessly transmits them to the WR-90-BA base station. For routing signals around line-of-sight obstructions, users can add the WR-30-RP wireless repeater to this system. The configuration of this system provides a considerably flexible system to obtain data from level sensors fitted on silos nearly 1 mile away from a control room.

Video Credit: BinMaster


  • Complex operations that involve obstructions, and in which it is necessary to route the signal using a wireless repeater
  • Data transmission from level sensors to a control room without the need to run wiring
  • Locations at which tanks, bins, and silos are located nearly 1 mile from a control room
  • Operations in which there is a need for data to be centralized from one or more tanks, bins, or silos


  • Digital, analog, and RS-485 inputs and outputs
  • Can be easily configured using onboard USB and WR Manager programming software
  • Attached or remote, directional, and omnidirectional antenna options
  • Point-to-multipoint signal wire replacement
  • Range of 1-mile line-of-sight, 500 ft. indoors
  • Flanges for pipe or wall mounting
  • Units accommodated in IP68, NEMA 4X enclosure

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