Portable Gas Detector - SHIPSURVEYOR

The Shipsurveyor available from Teledyne was built following broad consultation with ship owners, shipping personnel, and ship managers. The outcome is a series of eight instruments devoted to the marine industry.

Although versatile, the Shipsurveyor is simple to handle. The feature-loaded range of instruments is ideal for all maritime applications, including cargo monitoring, confined space monitoring, and inerting.

Up to five gases can concurrently be measured and presented. The hydrocarbon range, which employs the newest infrared technology, can be calibrated with propane, butane, or methane, as per application.

The Shipsurveyor is also provided with a remarkable and practical compilation of application software. Teledyne’s bespoke software not only permits simple on-board calibration but decisively offers the ability to print calibration certificates. Furthermore, comprehensive datalogging software is offered as standard that enables the logged gas readings, with vessel locations, to be transmitted to a PC.

With MED and ATEX approval, the Shipsurveyor is a comprehensive shipping solution.

Features of the Shipsurveyor

  • Large display—all gas readings can be presented concurrently
  • Basic calibration with certificate printing
  • Infrared technology for inert atmosphere measurements
  • Configurable Audible and Visual Alarms (CSM)
  • Dual mode—Confined Space Monitor (CSM ) and Combustible Gas Indicator (CGI)
  • Fault detection and reporting
  • Internal pump with excellent flow rate to minimize tank sampling times
  • Options to choose languages

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