Moisture Analyzer - ST-3300 RF

Sensortech Systems has introduced a next-generation process moisture measurement, the ST-3300 RF.

The patented radio frequency measurement principle of Sensortech Systems has been improved by all-digital phase lock loop signal conditioning. This principle offers a radically enhanced standard of stability and resolution.

Signal processing abilities have been incorporated into the transmitter electronics, which directly interfaces to your HMI, PLC, PC, or another desired platform. The easy-to-use configuration software controls the operation of the ST-3300 via your PC.

The ST-3300 improves Sensortech’s patented phase lock loop dielectric measurement method. Digital conditioning offers a radically enhanced standard of stability and resolution. Moreover, internally switched standards provide stability over the long term, whereas two-term ratio measurements remove the impact of density in several applications.

User-Friendly Configuration Software

The ST-3300 features a strong configuration software package that offers management utilities for all sensors in your process from a PC or laptop. The configuration software is protected by a password for engineers and offers several functions for operators.

Operator functions comprise a data-logging and graphic display feature that enables the operator to save historical data to a file that can be unlocked with spreadsheet applications like Microsoft Excel for statistical analysis.

Moreover, operators can link to all sensors in their plants from the Configuration Software and choose up to 50 stored calibrations (product codes). Operators also gain access to the sensor Diagnostics Screen that offers a snapshot of the health of the sensor.

Calibration and Standardizing Utilities

The Configuration Software package features a calibration utility that streamlines the process of calibrating all of the users’ products. The calibration utility automatically computes the span and offset coefficients and then saves it to one of the 50 product codes, thus rendering the calibration process simple and quick.

Standardizing the sensors is more or less simplified by using the Maintenance Screen. Users can choose the specific sensor from their network from the Configuration Software and standardize their sensors.

Moisture Analyzer—ST-3300 RF


Moisture Analyzer—ST-3300 RF


Moisture Analyzer—ST-3300 RF


Moisture Analyzer—ST-3300 RF

Product and Measurement Utilities

The product and measurement utilities are amongst the several configuration utilities incorporated into your Configuration Software package. Such utilities offer many techniques of measurement filtering: buffering size, measurement per cycle, sampling periods, damping, and median and mean filtering.

The smart sampling techniques of the ST-3300 include continuous, sampling on command, timed sampling and automatic product detection. Another feature is setting alarm limits for low and high moisture levels that can be easily configured with the Configuration Software package.

Moisture Analyzer—ST-3300 RF


Moisture Analyzer—ST-3300 RF

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