Portable Moisture Tester

The PMT-330 portable moisture testers from Sensortech Systems fulfill a range of requirements across the spectrum of the manufacturing sectors.

The PMT-330’s design is based on the technology employed in Sensortech’s IMPS-4400 Moisture Profiling System and is similar to having a portable version of its latest technology.

Through a Radio Frequency Dielectric Measurement, the PMT-330 can penetrate the surface of the planned target and get a precise measurement of its moisture composition.

This is a powerful capability packed into a hand-held device and this is the reason why it has been the standard of hand-held moisture testing for a long time.



The PMT-330G has an effective penetration depth of around 1/4" (20 mm). It has been developed for gypsum and other board applications.


Featuring an effective penetration depth of around 1/8" (3 mm), the PMT-330V has been designed for thin-sheet and veneer applications.

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