Instant Moisture Profiling System

The IMPS-4400 Instant Moisture Profiling System from Sensortech offers the most sophisticated level of moisture profiling to board product manufacturing plants.

Utilizing the non-contact Radio Frequency Dielectric Measurement Technology in an aligned framework enables the IMPS-4400 system to offer an exact picture of the moisture composition of products.

Moisture Sensor Array

As an Instant Moisture Profiling System (IMPS), the IMPS-4400 uses a series of 2 inch Radio Frequency Dielectric Sensors utilized to connect directly to the moisture content of your product. This array can cover a wide area, enabling up to 128 sensors to quantify the true moisture composition of your product.

Moisture Profiling Software

Sensortech’s proprietary software takes process control to new levels of productivity. Graphical displays enable a complete diagnostic view of moisture profiles that detect issues before they turn out to be major problems.

With the fully customizable IMPS-4400 proprietary software, users can switch graphic paradigms and observe their processes from several viewpoints.

Features of IMPS-4400

  • Non-contact multi-sensor moisture profiling array
  • Rf dielectric measurement penetrates the product to offer true total moisture
  • Proprietary software provides broad product diagnostics
  • Simple communication between the HMI system and profiler
  • Fully solid-state system
  • Trend time plot and data-logging available for statistical analysis

Moisture Profiling Tools

The IMPS-4400 system is fitted with a strong set of software tools. It supports your board product manufacturing process with extensive statistical analysis and data logging, and offers a real-time moisture profile of manufacturing lines consisting of multiple-products and multiple-decks.

Alternatively, the IMPS-4400 system comes with an I/O module that offers moisture data outputs to your plant master control panel.

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