Lab and At-Line Sensors Range from Process Sensors

Process Sensors Corporation has introduced Lab and At-line sensors that offer precise and consistent measurements wherever users require it. The sensors are easy to start up and convenient to use.

QuikCheck At-Line and Lab Analyzer

This analyzer allows for rapid measurement of moisture, oil and coat weight for manufacturing procedures.  Common applications include snack foods, coffee, wood pellets and converting applications.  Simply place the sample bowl in the instrument and the results are displayed in less than 10 seconds. Data can be saved to a USB drive.

QuikTest Analyzer

This is a user-friendly analyzer designed for fast at-line analysis of both moisture and oil content. It offers multipurpose sampling options for analyzing pastes, solids, and powders.  Low sample size options are perfect for cannabis, polymer and other applications.  

QuikTest-Olive Analyzer

This is a user-friendly olive analyzer designed to enable the highest oil extraction and offer increased profits. Users can position the sample in the dish, press start, and wait just 10 seconds to get the results. Calibrations for oil and moisture in olive paste and pomace included.  

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