On-Line NIR Smart Sensors Range from Process Sensors

Process Sensors Corporation has launched on-line NIR (near-infrared) smart sensors that give operators instant feedback regarding real-time processing parameters.

Oil, moisture, and coatings are often quantified in a majority of the industries, such as wood, paper converting, food, bulk powders, tobacco, and mining and aggregate.

In today's competitive environment, improving production efficiency and reducing waste can be the difference between profitability and working at a loss.

MCT460 On-Line NIR Smart Sensor

This general purpose sensor enables consistent in-process monitoring of numerous constituents for enhanced process control, maximum production efficiency, and increased yield.

MCT466-SF Food & Snacks On-Line NIR Smart Sensor

The sensor enables reliable, in-process food analysis for accurate process control and improved product consistency. The stainless steel case and Kel F window are perfect for food production environments.  


MCT469-SF Food Grade IP69 On-Line Moisture and Oil Sensor

This rugged sensor comes with a sealed IP69-rated enclosure that endures complete washdowns for years of consistent operation.  Clean design minimizes contamination concerns and sapphire window eliminates glass from the production line.  


MCT460-T Tobacco On-Line NIR Smart Sensor

This smart sensor allows consistent moisture measurement during all phases of tobacco processing to boost yield and guarantee consistent products. Nicotine calibrations also available.  

MCT460-WP Wood Products On-Line NIR Smart Sensor

This smart sensor ensures consistent moisture measurement for better process control and reliable product quality in the manufacturing of wood and panel products. Resin load calibrations are also available.  

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